Custom Installation Frequently Asked Questions

What does the process involve?
The process is actually a simple one:
Initial Meeting - We can either come to your house to discuss your requirements or come into either of our branches. It is preferable to have the initial meeting at one of our shops so you can see a working system.
Estimate - You tell us what you want to achieve, then after discussions we will come back with an estimate. At this point we set the timelines, decide what equipment you need etc.
The Quote / Agreement - Once the estimate is agreed on we will send you a quote detailing all the equipment we are going to use, exactly what we will be doing, how long it will take and the cost of doing so. We will also at this point let you know if you should expect any extra costs (such as cabling, extra labour costs etc). All of our costs are very transparent so you know what you are paying for. Once you are happy with this we will send you through an agreement to sign.
Phases - We normally divide a job into phases. Phase 1 will usually be the installation of cables, Phase 2 will be the installation of the electronics and Phase 3 will be testing. This will all be laid out in the agreement.

Isn't there going to be a lot of cables?
In a word: no. Depending on the circumstances we will make sure that you will not see one wire. All will be hidden behind walls, in floors, in the ceiling. Working with an electrician if necessary we make sure all the cables are installed correctly and labelled as per government specifications. If you are looking to retro-fit a system into your house then we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make cables disappear effectively.

My house has just been decorated what can I do?
Not all is lost but the best time to install a multi-room system is before you have decorated. Depending on your house, your circumstances and your budget it still might be able to install a complete system or possibly just a number of key rooms. There is also a wireless multi-room audio system on the market which is perfect for situations like this. Ask in-store for more details.

Why should I use Radfords CI?
Radfords has been in the hi-fi and home cinema markets for over 30 years and we have been in the Custom Install market for well over 10 years. In those years we have built up a lot of expertise, a huge amount of product knowledge. Through this knowledge and expertise we will be able to match equipment to your needs and also keep your costs down with professional installations. We also have a huge product range both in-store and available to us within twenty-four hours so we will always be able to get exactly what you are looking for. All our work is also guaranteed and our after-sales service is among the best in the country. We are also member of CEDIA which ensures all our work is of the highest standard.

Will it improve the value of my house?
It may not actually add monetary value to your house but it has been proved that multi-room audio adds a huge amount of hidden value. It is an immediate 'unique selling point' that can lead to a quicker sale, force the price closer or beyond the asking price. It will also make your house stand out of the crowd. In the higher end of the market some buyers will not look at a house unless it has a multi-room audio system.

What areas do you do work in?
We are happy to undertake work anywhere in the country but we specialise in the South West especially around the cities of Bristol , Bath , Gloucester , Taunton , Exeter , Cardiff and Cheltenham.

I'm not sure if this is for me, could you come and take a look?
Yes. After the initial meeting we can come and take a look at your property, discuss what work best with your house, your budget and your requirements.

What sort of guarantees do you offer?
With a system like these your satisfaction is very important to us. Once the system has been installed we will walk you through how the system works and how to get the best out of your system. Once payment has been received your guarantee period will commence. For the main electronics this depends on the manufacturer but it will usually be guaranteed for at least two years. Our installation work is guaranteed for three months. There is also an optional service contract available at £500 per year for unlimited call out and telephone support.

What brands are in this market?
The custom installation market is dominated by American companies such as AMX, Crestron, Living Control, and Lutron to name but a few, but some British companies are also producing some excellent equipment including Linn, Rako and KEF. For more information on the brands available simply call in to either of our stores.

Is it easy to use, or I am going to need a degree in physics to work out all the remote controls?
We can make the control side of the system as easy or as difficult as you want. We will of course teach you the basics, show you how the system works and for the first three months support you free of charge to iron out any glitches. When you purchase your system you will be offered a number of options on controlling your system. There are touch screen LCD controllers, learning remotes, wall mounted controllers, palm pilot style controls. There are even waterproof controllers for use in your bathroom!

It seems very expensive. What are the benefits?
The benefits from the outset are huge:

•  No cables to clutter you house or apartment.
•  One system for the entire house. No tacky portable in the kitchen or radio alarm clock in the bedroom. Your system has all this covered.
•  No more poor quality audio. Wherever you are in your house you will be able to access perfect quality radio, CD or hard drive through the touch of a button.
•  Access your whole CD library from any room in the house.
•  A system like this is both impressive and unobtrusive.
•  You can add equipment to your system simply and quickly with the benefit that every room in the house will profit.