This page is divided into a number of sections, where you will be able to find out more about multi-room audio, vision products such as plasma and LCD, lighting and security solutions, more information on the convergence of hifi and computers and communications. There is also a section on garden hifi and furniture for your plasma or hifi.
If you are simply looking for a home cinema then look here and you can also find information on our installation service. If you are a property developer of architect then look here for more information about our commercial services.

Radfords is currently applying for membership of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Trade Association)

Let your imagination run wild. If you're in the process of buying a new house, building a new house or apartment, or simply want something a little different then read on. Custom installation is essentially the control of functions such as music, video, heating, lighting, and security centrally. In simple terms imagine being able to hide all your hi-fi equipment away in a cupboard, and listen to Radio 2 in the kitchen through ceiling speakers whilst your partner listens to a CD in the living room through your hi-fi speakers, whilst your daughter is upstairs in the shower listening to Radio 1 and your son is in his bedroom listening to a pirate radio station from New York via Broadband internet. All this controlled by discrete video pads next to your light switches or through touch screen remotes.

To understand how Radfords Custom Installation (Radfords CI) can change the way you live your life take a look at these pages. The CI FAQs will help you understand the process and the example costs on this page will show you how affordable it is to join this technological revolution! You will also find on this page pictorial examples of our work as well as CI concepts.

If you are a Developer, Interior Designer, Architect or such like or interested in installing this kind of technology for your clients then please take a look at the Commercial Solutions section. Radfords is able to work with you or directly with your clients. Similarly Radfords is skilled at commercial installations such as multi-room music in offices, projection systems in meeting rooms, or a plasma display set-up in your lobby. All possible through Radfords CI.

Radfords CI also specialises in Home Cinema installations - projectors, plasma screens, and surround sound systems. Take a look at the 'Home Cinema' section if you are interested in either adding a dedicated cinema room in your house or would simply like to install a system into your living room, bedroom or indeed bathroom!

Radfords CI's team of professionals will guide you through the process from initial consultation to completion with minimum fuss for you to maximise the enjoyment you will get out of your system.

Radfords CI is a member of CEDIA - the British Professional Custom Install Body

Home Solutions

Like anything in this world there are different levels of costs involved in Custom Install - depending on your requirements, budget, level of control and number of rooms you want controlled.

As every install is different it is very difficult to give prices or even examples of equipment used. However the concept is the same for every install. We start with the plans for your house, or if you home has already been pre-cabled by us then we will have these. We will then discuss the different options with you: how many rooms you want included, what level of sophistication and music quality you are looking for and any vision products (plasma, LCD, etc.) you might also need. We will then give you an estimate which we can then tweak until you are happy. Work will then commence.

Multi-Room Audio

Adding a multi-room music system to your property is probably not as expensive as you'd imagine. Prices (not including labour and cabling) start from just £2,500 for three rooms. A small price to be able to have total control over your music, without going near any equipment.

From easy to use 'jukebox' touch screens, keypads or any enabled television, you can select the sound source you want to listen to, specify where you want to listen to it, adjust the volume, switch between radio stations or change the song that's playing.

After we've 'ripped' your CD collection into the music server for you, all you have to do is select your choice of music or artist and enjoy and as we categorise the songs into different genres or groups, you can even specify a particular mood or choose random playback from a selection of songs for a party, dinner, or whatever.

The important thing to understand about this technology is that pretty much anything is possible and only your imagination (and budget!) can hold you back!!

Once you have decided on a multi-room audio system from the companies we work with that include:

There are a number of ways to control your system, from key pads and palm pilot style remotes right through to LCD touch screen displays. Radfords has experience in matching your needs to the control system you require. Take a look at the links below for more information:


Radfords is able to provide the best in 21 st century vision products. Why not add a plasma screen or projector in the living room, an LCD TV in the bedroom and kitchen or even dedicate a separate room to home cinema.

Whether you want to hide your plasma behind a mirror or picture frame that appears at a touch of a button, or would prefer to have a projector concealed in the ceiling along with the screen so that when you press play on your DVD player the screen comes down, the lights fade and projector turns itself on. And when you press stop they all disappear again. All possible.

And our distributed video solutions can send high quality DVD/VCR, Satellite and CCTV camera content to any television, computer or enabled touchscreen in the home.



We can computerize and design your lighting needs and even integrate it with the rest of your entertainment system. Our lighting control solutions also feature 'Scene Creation' allowing us to customise your home with a whole host of programmable lighting scenes i.e. entertaining, path of light, evening, security, all on/off, landscape etc. In the bathroom for example have the lights get brighter gradually so as to eliminate that shocking 'blast' of light at night, or set different levels of lighting in the living room depending on what you are doing.

You can even with the Lutron system wire up your whole house to work off keypads located around the house. Text message your system from the office to turn on the kitchen lights at a certain time, press the 'travel' button so the lighting system remembers your last week's lighting usage and replays this for the time you are away!


By connecting CCTV cameras to our systems, for example, you can use any video display, enabled touch screen or PC as a security monitor, simply by selecting the security channel.

By connecting the intruder alarm to the lighting control system, in the event of a fire, for example, the exterior lights will flash constantly off and on, allowing neighbours to see there is a problem. Should an intruder enter your home and trip the alarm, in addition to the audible alarms sounding and signalling your remote monitoring facility, your entire home can instantly illuminate.

Internet and Communications

Our communication solutions offer an extremely flexible answer to all your Internet and communications requirements and are adaptable to the many changes that will inevitably occur in your home over time.

Our solutions allow multiple computers to share the same broadband connection, support video conferencing, share files and folders, printers, scanners and enable you to play games with each other or with friends throughout the world.

With the increasing demand for multi-line telephony and broadband access services, our communication technology ensures that every desired location in your home is equipped with state-of-the-art PC networking, telephony capabilities and a shared broadband connection that is fast, always on and simple to use.


Often not associated with an area needing music but Radfords CI can offer a number of ways to get music to your BBQ area, next to your swimming pool or just add another pair of speakers to your hi-fi to get music to your back garden. We can hide water-proof speakers in the eves of a roof, use speakers shaped like rocks, and provide waterproof control panels to control your hi-fi from the garden. We assure you that you will enjoy those summer months even more!

Furniture Solutions

Radfords has a huge range of furniture solutions for all your home entertainment needs. Whether you want your hi-fi or TV to be hidden away or take centre stage in your living room the range is huge. We have a modest range instore but tell us your needs and we'll find exactly what you want! From traditional hi-fi racks to custom built wooden furniture we'll have something for you!

Home Cinema

Installing a Home Cinema in your house is one of the simplest forms of custom installation there is. Radfords CI is expert at installing plasma screens, projector systems, setting up full AV systems. We have a huge range of Home Cinema equipment, from entry level to top of the range AV Amplifiers and DVD Players, through to one box solutions, plasmas, LCDs and projectors. As well as fixed and electronic screens. Just take a look at the product section of the website to see the vast range of equipment we have in-store.


Even if you did not purchase your equipment at Radfords you can utilise our expertise if you are having problems with your equipment. At just £50 an hour or £250 a day it is a very important investment if you want all the equipment top work the way it was intended.

Property Developers

Radfords can install cables in your developments, install a working system in the show home then can offer various levels of system to your clients once they have completed on the house. The cables are already installed so it is simply a case of installing the electronics. Contact Alex Radford on 0117 944 10 10 for more details.

Interior Designers / Architects

Radfords has a long history working with interior designers and architects to ensure that their home entertainment system is in keeping with the design of their house. For more information on this service please contact Alex Radford on 0117 944 10 10.

Board Rooms / Offices

Radfords CI offers the same service to its commercial clients as it does to its domestic ones. Working with your team (internal and external) we can provide and install the equipment to give your company that little edge. Whether it's a plasma screen in your reception area or a discreet projection system in your board room Radfords can cater for all budgets and requirements. For more details call Alex Radford on 0117 944 10 10.

Pictures are a representation of what CI can do for you. For examples of Radfords CI work click here